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Subject: Prevailing Wage Cost Savings

Signatory Contractor vs. Non-Signatory Contractor

Sample based on 10 employees working 40 hours per week
Hourly Wage: $27.29 per hour plus $3.60 vacation for a total of $30.89/Hour Effective July 1, 2011

Signatory Contractor
40:00 Hours times 10 laborers times $27.29 $10,916.00
40:00 Hours times 10 laborers times $3.60 $1,440.00
Gross Wages – Signatory Contractor $12,356.00

Non-Signatory Contractor
40:00 Hours times 10 laborers times 27.29 $10,916.00
40:00 Hours times I0 laborers times $3.60 (V AC) $1,440.00
40:00 Hours times 10 laborers times$ 6.76 (H & W) $2,704.00
40:00 Hours times 10 laborers times $6.00(Pension) $2,400.00
40:00 Hours times I0 laborers times $.64 (Training) $256.00
40:00 Hours times 10 laborers times$ .39 (Other) $156.00
Gross Wages – Signatory Contractor $12,356.00
Gross Wages – Non-Signatory Contractor $17,872.00

Employer Taxes
FICA 6.2 % $766.07
Medicare 1.45% $179.16
Unemployment (6.2% up to $7,000 per ee per yr) $766.07
Workers Comp. lns. 74% (90%-16%) $9,143.44

Fringe Benefits:
Health & Welfare $2,704.00
Pension $2,400.00
Training $256.00
TOTAL $28,570.75

Weekly Cost on 40 hours/week
Signatory Contractor $28,570.75
Non-Signatory Contractor $33,572.55

Weekly Savings $5,001.81
Monthly Savings $20,007.22
Yearly Savings $260,093.91

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